What is a Calling Account? What is a VOIP Calling Account? What is a SIP Calling Account?

“Since the early 2000s calling card service providers have introduced calling accounts not associated with a physical card. Calling accounts can be purchased over the Internet using credit cards and are instantly delivered to the customer via e-mail. This e-mail contains the PIN and instructions for using the service. The service may be prepaid, or may take payment from a credit card or by direct debit. Some prepaid card companies allow accounts to be recharged online manually or automatically via a method called auto-top-up.”

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Using your Calling Account from Home or Office
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Communications - Power Lines in the Night Sky

Phonecalls without using the Internet

Calling Accounts use conventional telephony as well as the Internet. This means that they are not dependent on you having a connection to the Internet, and so you can make low cost calls through your normal landline or mobile by calling a local or Freephone access number. Most Calling Accounts provide local access numbers from many different countries. 

Phonecalls FREE with Internet - VOIP and SIP

Like the well known Skype programme, VOIP Calling Accounts today provide voice calling over the Internet using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and have Free Apps for mobile and desktop. They can also provide free messaging services and Video Calling, as well as a host of other more sophisticated features. 

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